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GEM Shavings was established more than 25 years ago as a provider of bulk shavings to the horse industry. Since that time, we've expanded our product line and our focus on customer satisfaction to become the Pacific Northwest's leading provider of packaged dry shavings, bulk shavings and sawdust.


At GEM, we take exceptional pride in the quality of our products and the level of our customer service. Whether you're a large or small customer, we believe meeting your needs is the critical factor in our success. Simply click on the underlined text to see the GEM difference - both in product quality and customer satisfaction. 


GEM Premier Baled Shavings are available in farm, ranch, and pet stores throughout Washington,  Oregon, California, and Alaska, as well as the Pacific Rim. Available in both large animal size (10 cubic feet) or small animal (press pack) sizes.  See what makes the GEM baling process unique. Please call, write or e-mail us for the names of  dealers or distributors near you. If our shavings are not available in your area, inquire about direct shipment. Dealer inquiries are also welcome.


GEM Bulk Products - shavings, sawdust, and mixed loads are delivered throughout our Western Washington delivery area and represent an outstanding value in animal bedding.


Simply click on any of our products for more information. Thanks for visiting our web site. If you have any questions or comments, we'd like to hear from you. Please see our contact information below.