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About GEM Shavings

At GEM, we apply the highest standards in the industry to our baled shavings. This guarantees that you can’t find a better quality product anywhere. We start with only kiln-dried shavings trucked directly from our mills. Then, we store all our shavings indoors to protect them from moisture and the sun’s ultra-violent deterioration. Next, we carefully screen and vacuum them to remove as much dust as possible. Other companies would shudder at the amount of dust we remove to ensure that you get all the shavings you pay for – not a bag of dust! After we’re sure that we have only clean, dry shavings, we bale them in our exclusive GEM plastic bags at a compression ratio of approximately 2.5:1. Over the years, we’ve found this ratio produces the best bale while helping prevent the bag from splitting or bursting. GEM plastic bags cost us more, but their thickness and color help prevent breakdown and keep the shavings fresh.