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GEM  Premiere White Shavings

GEM  Premiere White Shavings are the most absorbent shavings on the market.  In addition, they also have several additional beneficial qualities. 

GEM  Premiere White Shavings are a mix of approximately 80% kiln-dried (kd) Western Hemlock and 20% kd Douglas Fir.  And no, the Western Hemlock tree is not related to the poisonous hemlock plant!  The Western Hemlock is a coniferous softwood (evergreen) tree that is a predominant species in the forests of western Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.  Western Hemlock is the preferred softwood for making high quality paper in the Northwest, and it also makes a superior bedding material.

What makes Western Hemlock so good for bedding is that it contains no phenols! Phenols are what we think of as “pitch” or resin.  The absence of phenols provides three very important benefits:

Because Western Hemlock has no phenols, it has no scent.  At GEM, we mix in some Douglas Fir to add a light fir scent.  After GEM’s triple filtering process removes the vast majority of “fines” (wood dust), we compact and package the shavings into bales (approximately four cubic feet that will expand to approximately 10 cubic feet). In our mind, these shavings are the best bedding available.

GEM  Premiere White Shavings are available in farm, ranch, and pet stores throughout Washington, Oregon, California & Alaska.  Please call, write or e-mail for the names of  dealers or distributors near you. If our shavings are not available in your area, inquire about direct shipment. Dealer inquiries are welcome.


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